centurion k9 ptsd service dogs
Centurion K9
PTSD Service Dogs 

How you can help....

There are many practical ways you can help get a team on the road.
We need kits for each K9 member, and a few other items that will assist the team and volunteer handlers during our training sessions.

Just pick something you want contribute - and click the donate button. 

  1. Training collar
    CAD $20
    Only ever used during training sessions.
  2. Daytime collar & leash
    CAD $40
    When not actively working with their partner, our dogs still need to get from place to place in safety.
  3. Service Vest
    CAD $60
    When actively working, all trained and those in training have to be easily identifiable by a service vest.
  4. Starter Package
    CAD $150
    Includes training collar, daytime collar and leash, service vest, 2 stainless steel bowls
  5. Hero's Package
    CAD $600
    Includes everything a new service dog and their partner needs. Covers rescue & adoption fees, collars, leashes, bowls, toys, vest, ID card and more, for one dog.
  6. Two Kongs
    CAD $30
    Our service dogs get downtime too. And we always need a spare!