centurion k9 ptsd service dogs
Centurion K9
PTSD Service Dogs 
Providing PTSD Service dogs to First Responders, serving and retired military personnel, and their families in need, in the Eastern Ontario area.
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About Us

Centurion K9 is a not for profit, 100% volunteer run organization solely dedicated to protecting those that cannot protect themselves, and then training them to protect a new partner suffering from PTSD.

We do not have a shelter, all our dogs are in foster homes waiting for their match and forever home.

We believe that these wonderful dogs deserve a second chance at a wonderful life, and that first reponders suffering from PTSD can regain their independence and courage alongside their new specially trained partner.

First Responders need our help, so please help us save human lives and canine lives together.

centurion k9 ptsd service dogs Willow rescue dog puppy mill
Our PTSD Service Dog Program
Getting a PTSD Service dog can be a real challenge, and the long wait comes at a time when the recipient is vulnerable and most in need. 
  1. Save that dog!
    We are blessed to work with some rescue organizations that are first and foremost concerned about rescuing all dogs. As suitable dogs are found, they call us to assess them as recruits to our program.
  2. What Dog Suits You?
    At first, our highly experienced trainer works tirelessly to teach to teach obedience and socialization skills for each new canine entrant to the program. As their characters become more and more apparent, the team starts to see who might be the best match.
  3. The Partnership
    The close bond between service dog and first responder in need is developed over time. Once a potential long term partnership is established, with the full support and expertise of the Centurion K9 team, the pair attend ongoing training sessions, socialization meets and continuing support.
  1. Experience
    Our trainer with over 30 years experience guides the rest of the team through training sessions. They are there to support us through the journey for each First Responder and their new partner.
  2. Passion
    We want to save lives, bring hope and make it possible for First Responders to get a PTSD Service dog, when they are most in need. We know first hand how hard it can be to get a PTSD Service dog, and want to help make it happen for others facing the same struggles.
  3. Our Team
    We are all First Responders, spouses, family members and volunteers, who have witnessed and experienced the devastating effects that PTSD can have on an individual and their loved ones. Fully endorsed by the Ottawa Police Association.
Our Successes
  1. Our first partnership is a true success story and came about with the donation of Ruby to a First Responder. This was our trainer's dog, and not intentionally up for this programme. They truly are a match made in heaven and all thanks go to Debra for giving her up for a First Responder in need.
    Ruby & Andy
    Andy Hammond centurion k9 ptsd service dogs Ruby
  2. Bob has turned Geoff's life around! He is able to return to his studies and train again.
    Geoff & Bob
    centurion k9 ptsd service dogs rescue dog
  3. Willow's sweet demeanour brightens up her handler's day, every day!
    centurion k9 ptsd service dogs rescue dog puppy mill
  4. Eric instills a sense of calmness and fun to many anxious folks every day - great work Eric!
    Eric therapy dog rescue
  5. Meet Shiva, a very special young lady, going from strength to strength with her handler by her side.
    Shiva centurion k9 ptsd service dogs owner trained
centurion k9 ptsd service dogs vehicle entry and exit in a controlled manner training
centurion k9 ptsd service dogs
centurion k9 ptsd service dogs project trauma support canoe Ruby
centurion k9 ptsd service dogs mental health peer support
  1. Mail a cheque
    Please make cheques payable to Centurion K9
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    Send your e-transfer to info@centurionk9.com
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Centurion K9
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Foster homes needed!
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We need foster homes - please apply.
Helping us foster dogs as they join our program will help us get them partnered with a First Responder in need sooner. These dogs will have been assessed by our trainer, and need socialization, daily exercise, and a home environment. Remember, as these are rescued dogs, some may need more time than others to adjust to family or household environment. This is the one area where YOU can make a difference.

The ideal foster home should have time to exercise the dogs, re-inforce training practices and get them out socializing in public places. Homes where folks are home most of the day are ideal, as these dogs will eventually be spending every hour of every day with their partner. We also require fosters to bring the dog to weekly group training, or allow a volunteer to us to transport the dog to the training sessions.